Applying to Become Apple Distinguished Educator

Want to dig deep? Try sharing your entire educational journey, experiences, and impact in two minutes. No, not two minutes and one second, two minutes flat. As an educator, I feel I am always telling a story. The scenes, vantage point, and even characters might change, but I always find myself telling a tale to help people better connect with knowledge in a significant and meaningful way. Its important for me as an educator to know that building that connection not only helps me teach others, but it helps others teach me. This is why I hold dear the proverb that says,

“Who is wise? He who learns from all people, as it is said: ‘From all those who taught me I gained understanding'”

While the actually process of compiling the video lasted only a week, the inner core of the video is really thirty years in a making. I am not trying to be nostalgic here, but if I told my kindergarten teacher, my high school guidance counselor, or even my college intro art professor that I am applying to become an Apple Distinguished Educator, finishing my M.S.Ed, and became a Rabbi, they would all think I am either insane, or that they are. It does show you how amazing the journey of life is that through these experiences, our values, purpose, and driving force can change, develop, and simply rocket to the moon. 

Since a picture is worth a thousands words, I present my video application to the 2015 Apple Distinguished Educator Program.


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