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How To Measure Innovation


In education today, “innovation” is quite the buzzword. The question is how do you measure it? It’s difficult to measure, mostly because it’s not testable, certainly not with a multiple choice exam. That is because innovation is spontaneity that develops into something amazing. When assessing innovation, I find that the above four questions will help one be honest with their success. Innovation doesn’t always have to be groundbreaking, but it does need to make a difference.

How will you innovate today?


2 thoughts on “How To Measure Innovation

  1. I really like your questions!

    Do you think something needs to be added about challenging the status quo?

    How have you challenged the way things are being done? How have you suggested a different path, method or way of thinking to others?

    I haven’t had a chance to think about this a lot yet, but I don’t think we can just innovate in isolation and make a difference. We have to spread this way of thinking.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful visual.

    • Thank you for adding to the conversation. Your questions are pre-requisites for innovation. If our classroom experiences are isolated and result in a project turned in for a grade, then innovation will have little place next to memorization and regurgitation.

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