Live Feedback In Elementary English

Imagine struggling to write a persuasive essay and a magical Grammar Angel descends from above blanketing your writing with a glistening frost of feedback and insight into writing.


While we haven’t confirmed any new angel ventures, we do have some magical ways that Google Docs is transforming the elementary classroom. Students in my colleagues 4th grade class are using Google Docs during writer’s workshop so teachers are able to peek into the experiences of writing as a 4th grade student. This experience, full of struggles and inspiring breakthroughs can be difficult to decipher when being handed a hand written draft ready for the dreaded red pen.

In Google Docs teachers can see revision history to look at how, when, and why students arrived at that point in their writing. With comments teachers can interact live, and asynchronously giving students value feedback on their work. Share you work with a peer and experience feedback like never before.

This experience is a great example of a challenge to how we view technology integration. On the SAMR model you might rate this at a Substitution or Augmentation level, but as far as meaningful learning and student centeredness, this is complete redefinition of the writing process.

Bottom line is that this process is simple and within reach of any educator regardless of their level of comfort with technology in the classroom.


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