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What A Little Audio Can Do

There is something powerful about the spoken word. When it’s accompanied by a striking visual it can leave the listener thinking, wondering, looking for more. It is this auditory advantage that can bring amazing life and dynamic to your classroom. It is through such a medium that we can take our student learning to a very new and different place. Recording isn’t new to education, but it has throughout the 20th-Century been mainly a consuming experience. Continue reading

Tech Tips

Tech Tip – HDMI Audio Issues

HDMI is a must for anyone needing to share high quality audio and visual on the big screen. Oddly enough many of us have issues getting the audio to go through the HDMI Cable on Macbook Pro & Air Laptops. The solution is an easy one, but many dont know where to look in the first place. Rest assured, a solution to this challenge is provided below. Enjoy.

I hope to continue to share tech tips with you all.